Callisto was established in 1998 to offer clients creative, flexible, cost  effective solutions to their design needs. We work closely with all our customers, immersing ourselves in your brands and products to understand, and successfully address, your challenges.

We specialise in brand development, packaging design, advertising, media buying and digital.


Callisto exists by virtue of its professional skills in creativity and its experience gained in a range of industries, with organisations large and small, and across all sectors: private, public and voluntary.

Through our website, we can only offer a glimpse of what Callisto can do for your company and your brand – but we’d welcome the opportunity to have a longer conversation.

We pledge to understand your market in all its complexity and to relate to its people, products and processes  as you do. We look upon ourselves as an extension to your advertising, marketing and public relations functions, an integral part of your company. In short, we bring our design-rich expertise to your challenges and your targets in specific areas and on particular products and brands.

Whether it’s a complete re-branding exercise, the creation of an advertising campaign or the planning, production and launch of a website, you can guarantee that our team-based and collaborative working methods will produce the best results, every time.

No matter how much research or how many outline briefs are produced, we passionately believe that true success can only be obtained by working with each other as a team.

We look forward to working with each new client on this basis.